Know when to walk away.

After a pretty uneventful flight (i.e. I only nearly missed one flight through no fault of my own – completely acceptable in light of earlier flying adventures) I’m now in DC, safely ensconced (I always image being stuffed into a scone with that word) in my own bed under two layers of sheets and I’ve been in this exact position for about 12 hours now. As soon as I walked in to my tiny apartment, I pulled out the wonderful ceylon parathas that I snuck past customs, along with the dal and other assorted food items that travelled with me and proceeded to have a feast. After complimenting myself on some well-made coffee decoction, I crawled into bed and haven’t left since. However, my excitement at waking up in my own apartment has been slightly dampened by the fact that I have no milk to drink my excellent filter coffee with, and the thought that I must wear pants and venture into the cold isn’t really very fortifying. Oh well. I’m still grateful that nothing horrible has happened such as my apartment burning down, Georgetown disappearing, waking up and discovering that I never left Madras, and so on. I’m also grateful that I have excellent bed linen and some yummy cheese in the fridge. Even the thought that I have a paper due in about 24 hours isn’t enough to spoil my mood. SO GLAD TO BE BACK ❤


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