4 am

Recent conversation I had that I thought I should share:

So the best thing about tonight has been the single luna bar that I found in my pocket at 4 am – it was mint chocolate. This is particularly exciting because all I had to eat at home before that was some wasabi peas. So, funny story about the peas:

About a year ago, when I first moved to the US and discovered the infinite universe of Amazon, I got waayy too excited (who wouldn’t? You can find breast implants on there). I was also realllyyy excited by Sweet Green salads, particularly their Bondi, which has wasabi peas in it. SO I decided to combine the two and ordered 12 packets of wasabi peas from Amazon. Most exciting day of my life! But I seriously overestimated my love for them and, a year later, I still have 2 packets to finish. So basically, I can’t believe I spent $20 on wasabi peas.

Sonia: $20! That’s a really good deal!
Sonia: i can see why you ordered 12 packs. I would’ve too for $20. (tell me why i just searched for breast implants on amazon. bahahaha)


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