Reality check

This past month, I’ve really been coasting, in terms of school and life in general and it’s finally come back to bite me in the ass. The blinding fear of actually having to find a real job and sort my life out has left me completely disconnected from everyday reality. Now my apartment is a mess, I haven’t figured anything out, I haven’t applied to anything, looked for a job or completed any of the millions of things I had to do. Basically, I’ve reached a point of life fail. Rock bottom was achieved a few minutes ago when I failed my weekly assignment for the only professor this semester that I actually care about. It is officially time to get shit done.
Even if, in the bigger picture, the assignment wasn’t that important, I can make it up, etc. I really do feel like I’ve let this go long enough. I am going to get my shit together. Failure is not an option.

(Cue destiny’s child – survivor)


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