stuff white people like


so ‘development’. the term irritates me. lately, i’ve been questioned about why i’m studying cultural theory as opposed to doing ‘real’ development work. i’m writing down my answer because i tend to forget things and i’m being called upon lately to provide insights into the Indian Psyche by explaining my position on various things that are Indian. (development apparently being something that Indians need).

so here goes:

i’m choosing to theorize about culture because:

a) i shudder to even consider doing ‘development’ work since its overrun with people that are convinced they’re going to save the poverty-stricken masses from inevitably awful deaths by converting them to the cause of globalization and the way of the western peoples.

b) i’d like to add to a body of scholarship within academia about issues that are not currently a part of mainstream discourse (however, i still face problems with understanding the limits and spread of such discourse and how one could contribute effectively without limiting oneself to a circle of like-minded individuals)

c) i believe that pedagogy can be a tool for resistance and my interest in higher education, especially within India is something I wish to explore through critical theory


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