the haecceity of discourse

“If we only ever dance around the object of our thought, and never actually think it, then we only ever think about thinking “it”. But something else happens in that insufficiency of philosophy…We move. We move and this is not a metaphor, but its choreography is uncertain. Dance it may not be, but it is an actually existing and knowable movement in the world. We know it because we know the movement from thought into words. We know the movement from poetics to poiesis, and from poiesis to praxis and the subsumption of each into the other”

“Statements are already removed from the ideas they purport to express. We remain separated from the objects of our analysis, and yet we must make use, we must make sense, of the unknowable object of our thought, of the haecceity of discourse and we must therefore make sense and make use of void and the null set. We must think without philosophy”



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