I look at all the lonely people

life in staccato bursts of activity. the word ‘random’ thrown about too many times. the absolute inability to speak coherent english. all the shady laughter and unending tears… i feel like the year is ending and it’s just begun. this constant self-analysis is a bit self-obsessive and unnecessary, don’t you think?

in discussing trees,  apparently they have to be cut down in their prime and shrivel and die. all those thoughts in a pure jumble of emotion. the constant obsession with the opposite. society based on physics and returning to the mothership. i want that intelligence, i need the conversation. won’t someone inspire me? what does the term honesty mean anymore? judgement is my only comfort.

hardly any time has passed and it feels like change is lurking around the corner. i miss easier times, but perhaps they never existed. the word love is being abused on a daily basis.  it’s too early to say goodbye but i’m SO tired of saying hello.


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