’cause I’ve got one hand in my pocket…

I’m thankful. Today, I’m grateful for the people I’ve met, the things that I have done and the places I have been. [especially recently]. It’s one of those days when nothing is really wrong and I have the time to sit down and notice that fact [side note – Dostana is an awesome movie to watch, especially if you’re sitting next to Mittu.] The holidays are just over and everyone is talking about our time spent apart and plans for the future and everything else. It feels like I’m in Mallory Towers or St. Clare’s! It’s good to be back, it was nice to be away and I’m looking forward to all the nonsense of the next few months. It’s scary that we only have a few months left to figure out life but I’m really curious to see where it’s going to end up for everyone.

Everyone is getting nostalgic lately. November has always been a time for saying the bye, somehow. It’s that time when it’s not quite the end and everyone is already trying to do and feel as much as possible in the little time left. A year ago, life was crazily different and not always this good. I keep saying it, but I really, really miss my grandmum and I miss those people and everything else that was. But I also love the people I’ve met this year and those I’ve gotten closer to and the time I’ve spent learning. I know that by the time December turns up I won’t have time to breathe so this is in memory of an amazing year… and one that disappeared before I noticed.

I love my people, the clubs in singapore, oreo cheese cake,my parents! [no really], ice cream, rain, this month, movies, my subject, photos, my new shoes! and my whole, crazy life.


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