Stop and stare.

Though I haven’t really been here, writing for my imaginary fan following, I have started a million blogs in my head while I’m out somewhere among the millions of people that fill this city to the brim. It is usually the transport that causes this rambling in my head, apparently I can’t sit quietly for more than two minutes at a time. However, I have nothing of importance to say so I try not to say it.  My life seems to be only about running from boredom.  And lately, I’ve managed to fail at this task… and fail miserably. I suppose this is marginally affected by the fact that it’s Deepavali and festivals in general depress me, this one in particular. It makes no sense, but somehow all I seem to be able to do around this time is sit in a corner and be angry and weepy which is very, very irritating to everyone, specifically me. And then I worry that I’m one of those stories where the kid had everything and didn’t realise how good she had it until she had a horrible accident and could never do all the things that she had planned. And then I worry that I worry too much. Yes, I am crazy.

And this is how i don’t do anything constructive like study for the exam that I have to go write in less than 12 hours. Yippee.


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