Underwear goes inside the pants.

Wow. My sheer stupidity of over a decade is simply freakin stupendous. Such extreme masochism requires some form of extreme therapy, really. Why do I do this? Every single damn situation in my life. It’s so cliche yet the more things change the more the stay the same. You think I would have grown out of this crap by now. Someone fucking shoot me. I will never fucking learn. I give up whining about it, about him, about everybody. It doesn’t matter who it is anymore, if they’re anything like the previous I will just repeat this awful behaviour over and over and then whine about the awful fucktardation of men.

This is also what I get for messing around with stuff that I KNOW has no future. Bah, stupid men… stupid life. I shall go admit myself in a mental hospital now. As usual, the only reason I write is when I’m too irritated to talk which immediately makes me wonderfully less eloquent. Yippee, the little ironies of life. Also, friends are stupid. College applications are giving me heart attacks. And everyone I know is stupid.  Especially me. wonderful. Not looking forward to the near future.

…Everyone must die.

The end.


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