Beware of the flying cat!

During the many rewritings of Mr Scobie’s Riddle, which had started out as a long lament, that humour was an essential ingredient if you must write of what is unbearably sad. Here in my heart

Seduction comes into it – biographer, subject, copyright holders, the inevitable widows and grandsons – but so too do all sorts of subjective factors: stamina, availability, finances, sheer interest.

Two lovers born into this life
Each born alone half of a whole

Good morning Edna, only 15 minutes to launch the rocket.

Yes, they want to discuss my book. Soros seemed so insistent.sort of ultimate meltdown in the financial markets which he had been.

Block, the pirate queen herself, whose robust voice carries much of the show, came down with a bad case of the flu, forcing her to miss several previews and even leave the show a quarter of the way through a critics’ night.

The book opens in 1935, when Niall was five years old. We need Buhari, only Buhari, the young men shouted, wild-eyed as they encircled a foreign journalist and photographer, half menacing and half embracing, as they pressed their grievances. Was it Ibsen, you wondered, who said ‘Humans cannot bear too much reality’? On the opposite side of the screen, there were scrolls of e-mail messages that other MySpace members had sent him: friendly, uncapitalized, hallucination-free greetings.

Those with mood problems have many good memories, but these scenes are usually tainted by some dark detail. A note of disappointment seems to close each narrative phrase.

In the studies involving depression, 61 percent of patients improved while on antidepressants.

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