Thoughts meander like a restless wind in a letter box.

As usual too much to write…

a) Amazing internship at a really nice place. Learnt loads and met some really interesting people. Met someone that might be part of an alternate life plan.

b) Shitty summer with too much alcohol, too little intelligence and extra drama. yech.

c) College started again, returning me to some sort of normalcy. I fear that I may actually detest it this year though, and I’ve never ever said that in all these two years, no matter what happened so that’s a little worrying.

d) scared out of my wits about life next year. Started classes and shit for that but I doubt it’ll go great.

e) Obsessing about things and people I shouldn’t.

f) Went back home for two days and it was, as usual, interesting. Did lots of stuff that I wanted to and didn’t get to do lots that I wanted to. Wish I’d stayed longer. However, I did establish that I’m completely idiotic and should be shot.

Ob la di, ob la da, life goes on…

been in a random beatles obsession phase.

p.s. I miss… stuff. Alot. I shouldn’t.

I need to self-actualize and such.


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