Don’t cry, don’t raise your eyes, it’s only teenage wasteland.

It’s funny how life plays out. The term ‘in the end’ is quite irrelevant – there is no end. Though Sindhu and I have still not figured out life completely, we do agree that it’s not really a progression because progression involves a purpose, a direction while life in itself lacks it. [well, in our limited view it does.]

This is just one of my daily ramblings – I’ve found that I’m entirely too philosophical for an 18 year old. This could prove to be a problem at the oddest times. For example, we’re sitting at the beach the other day, having a really good time and this person that I don’t particularly like turned up and that totally set me off on the irony of life and such. Anyway, there isn’t much of a point to this post. Just filled with a sense of ennui. I need a break from the city again. I need the hills, mountain streams, freezing tents, warm campfires, minimal company, amazing food and free oxygen. *sigh* Happiness. And I miss my squabbling boys. Alot. Specially one of them.

On a side note, I’ve decided that if I ever get married, I’ll have atleast three boys and a girl. [all adopted, of course.] For some reason, I’m happiest when I’m sitting at a table and watching a whole bunch of guys eat. They just look so purposeful and happy at the same time! lol.

Anyway, life seems to be lacking something lately, I’m not sure what. It’s not company or interesting things to do, because I have enough of both. Plus, snooker has become my new addiction, even though I suck at it. I’m totally gonna practice enough to kick Diablo’s ass soon.

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