A cross and a girl named Blessed.

Took a short break from the blog due to insignificant PC problems and general disinterest in the net. Anyway, spent a rather interesting week being quite sick. Concert on friday was okay [the little I saw of it.] but that entire evening definitely left something lacking… like Intelligence, perhaps?

The reason I don’t do what I did on friday very often, is because of the sheer lack of intelligence of the company in question. Yes, weed is entertaining, but only so much. And it gets very tiring when that’s the only thing people do around here anymore. Reached the concert less than sober, but managed to make it back home rather safe, with only the feeling of sheer stupidity at hoping for the evening to turn out better when I was perfectly aware of whom I was going with. Anyway, I heard LBG wasn’t great, though I missed their performance. JYG was pretty good. Entire auditorium was pretty much hot-boxed.

Today was fun though. Reminded me of my boys. Played pool and then beach football. Ended up awfully dirty and sweaty but quite happy with self. Though I must admit that I suck at pool. I miss my boys and I miss home! [*sigh*]

Rather weird other relationships in progress. Will keep you updated!

Had a little college scare this morning due to lack of attendance in just one paper [suspicious? i think so. I mean, who lacks in just one subject? Unless the teacher really doesn’t like you.] Anyway, dear old HOD [bless her soul] has passed my name for condonation, hopefully should be fine.

Tired of certain friendships and looking forward to a few others. Life progresses. Ça va.


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