We’re all hypocrites, but you’re a patriot.

It amazes me when rational, intelligent beings who claim to understand a large part of society and are contributing members to the economy in no small measure, abandon all claims of secularity when it comes to specific situations, especially when these people are your own kin.

It annoys the hell out of me that we sit in our drawing rooms and comment on everything from communism to sexuality and the state of the economy, that we claim to be intellectually superior to most of the population that we are a part of yet the most basic and stupid of prejudices still remain.

You denounce racism, Hitler, etc. Everything that goes against intelligent thought, in fact, but you let something as silly as religion colour your existence?  Two things about this bother me more than the rest of the arguments:

a) The levels of hypocrisy that one must live in, not only with the external world but within yourself. How would someone who is supposedly intellectual answer to themselves on this one aspect alone? Or do they not answer it at all?

Sure, I have prejudices, I can hardly claim to be without it, but atleast I try not to let it get in the way of everyday life and I definitely don’t make important decisions [like deciding whether to give them employment] based on it.

b) Even if you don’t have a high opinion of that religion currently would you really let that get in the way of learning their culture, their history, art, etc? Especially when it’s a civilization as old as theirs and with such an influence on the modern world! It’s knowledge! How can anyone let anything get in the way of acquiring more knowledge?

Okay, too annoyed to try and understand anything. Must go back to studying for exam tomorrow. [Ironically, the paper is on Gender Studies, which the very same people would stand up and fight for. Hypocrites. Fake emancipators of women’s rights. (is that even a word?) They deliver sermons on equality of women, black people, jews and such but they remain as stubborn as mules and about as smart on something we live with everyday.]

Side-note: Read To Kill A Mockingbird recently for english and found it vaguely engaging and almost tolerable.

Bah! Humbug.


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