If I could fall into the sky.

It’s been an interesting couple of days to say the least. Quite a few times this past week I’ve found myself sitting here and trying to type out my thoughts and failing miserably. Highlights from the past week:

– Sunday: pedicure, haircut, facial, dance class [tango].

-Monday: lecture in women and development class on the LGBT scenario in India.

-Wednesday: workshop by Ponni along similar lines. Sleepover at Radh’s.

-Friday: lots and lots of walking. Neeru telling me I look pretty (!). Fun college work. Shopping! Dinner+ movie with the other half. [it’s been overdue.]

-Saturday: Inaugration of Women’s Film Festival. More shopping. Dance class [salsa :D]. Brilliant dinner avec la biere!

-Sunday: fun afternoon at LTS + sunday brunch at Little Italy for Ash’s Birthday. Dance class. [more salsa :D!] Plans for salsa night on wednesday at Havana?

It’s been a fulfilling week. Living the life I want to, perhaps? Funny thing is, so often I find myself doing all this interesting stuff and hardly even do I feel calm, peaceful or happy while doing it. Note to self: have fun living!


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