Hey Mister.

You always said that we’d never work. I agreed completely. It’s one of those things that you know won’t survive – there’s too much emotion involved. You spend your life looking for something but you never know if it’s good for you unless you actually get it. And trust me, we’re not good for each other. Everything that this is based on is the absolute opposite of a happy, loving relationship.

Spending time with you is like riding a hurricane. The adrenaline rush is amazing but the after-effects are really not that fun. There is no safety net when it comes us. And I know that I fall alot harder than you do.

You are a constant reminder of the mediocrity of existence, the pointlessness of true love, the irony of normalcy.

And yet, beyond all that, this inexplicable… thing that’s almost a friendship and most definitely not a relationship continues to grow, like a flower in the sewage. It makes me want to cry sometimes, but I’d never waste my tears on you.

Avec ma coeur,

L’objet Convoitise.

P.S.: be careful what you wish for.


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