I don’t understand. I seem to have completely lost all ability to comprehend anything, least of all myself…

First off, I don’t get this apathy that I seem to live in. I randomly cry but there’s no apparent reason but it’s not even crying because of some strong emotion, it’s just general crying. I also don’t understand anybody around me anymore and I’m utterly lost about everything in life. Indecision has never been so in control of my life as it has lately. On some level, I am happy… I have almost everything I want and such but still, there’s a vague sense of wanting something that I don’t know about. A constant nagging at the back of my that won’t go away. Normally, I know exactly what I crave so even if I don’t get it, I know what I want for myself. Lately, I can’t even figure that bit out. I’m so unbelievably anchorless which is slightly ironic considering that I’m completely held down by my life here… I need a change of society before I go completely insane.


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