Dear Jamie… Sincerely, Me.

Isn’t it tiring when people think they know you well enough to dismiss you after reading a few posts here and there? You’d think that people with such ‘potential’ and intelligence that they claim to have as well as all the hardships that they insist they’ve faced would be a little less judgmental, a little more accepting of other people’s fallacies. Especially when they don’t even know the people in question.

I may not always be the most optimistic person, but I truly pity those that consider themselves so jaded and superior to everyone else because they’ve apparently experienced more in life and hence know more than the rest of us mortals about the ways of the world.  Like someone else said, I choose to live my life in as intense and emotional a manner as I see fit. Yes, I may be melodramatic, but we’re allowed to be what we want to be. Censure is truly taking over the world if people can’t write and throw it randomly into cyberspace without having some self-proclaimed know-it-all sit behind his little computer screen and refute every statement you make just so he can be right and you can be wrong. So you found a flaw. Big deal, want a cookie?

Is there so little joy left in this world that the only way to feel superior is to burrow away at other people’s work until you can create enough holes in it to please your tattered ego? Is no one allowed to have their own personal opinion without having someone jump down their throat about it? So we may not be that old, or that smart, or that experienced… atleast we live and let live. What can you do besides whine and gripe and reduce yourself to little sexist digs on an unknown blog in cyberspace?


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